Italian-English Dictionary for Windows


Italian-English Dictionary for Windows

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This Italian-English dictionary includes over 125,000 detailed definitions for about 45,000 headwords.

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We know that as a serious Italian or English language learner you expect more than simple translations from your dictionary, so we created Windows software that conjugates, translates numbers, and includes built-in study tools like a flashcard builder and a bilingual grammar guide. With our Italian-English dictionary, you can:

  • Click on any word in a translation to look it up, conjugate it, add it to your flashcards, or search for usage examples online.

  • Conjugate thousands of Italian and English verbs.

  • Customize flashcards for memorizing vocabulary lists, verb forms, and more.

  • Translate numbers into Italian and English text.

  • Define Italian and English words in email, web browsers, PDF files, documents, and more with a hotkey.

With our Windows software installed, you’ll be equipped to look up Italian and English words, conjugate thousands of verbs, and study language your way.